Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spicy West African Braised Kale with Tofu

A+  Yum!  Very tasty.  The peanut butter gave it a good taste and helped with the texture.  The apple cider vinegar and veggie broth gave the kale a great flavor.  I'd make this again.

For the smoothie, I used apple, kale, lemon juice and carrots.  I also used beans and cucumbers from Michelle's garden.  Quite good.  I drank it in minutes.

Wholewheat Spaghetti with Fava Beans, Sweet Bell Pepper and Spicy Tofu Pieces

Yawn.  I found this recipe as I had my half marathon about a week later.  I am sure it was healthy but not much flavor.


Spicy Asian Stir-fry with whole wheat pasta

Kind of bland.  I don't remember much about this.  Same with the juice.

Chickpea Cauliflower & Kale Curry

Not bad, I think it could have used some spices.  Healthy combo.  Don't recall much about the juice, but I am sure it was healthy too.

Friday, September 21, 2012

2012 Yonkers Half Marathon Race Report

Four half marathons and 4 PRs. No sub 2 but I think I did well. Just felt good for the whole race. Didn't listen to music at any point. My leg didn't bother me. I noted a lot of people pass me early on, though I did pass a fair amount of people near the end. I even saw a walker at like mile 5 and more later on. I even saw someone throwing up before mile two! There was a guy who loudly huffing and puffing starting around mile 4, which reminded me of myself running 5Ks.

I paid little attention to the time, with some exception. I noted my time at miles 6 and 10. At some points I wasn't sure where I was. I heard someone say we were at mile 9 when it was really mile 10 and at an aid station one person said it was mile 12 and another 11.5. I thought I started around 8:06 and I came to the finish at 10:10, so I assumed I didn't PR. I was very surprised to see the clock say 2:01 (or maybe 2:02 something, which is possible as my time is net time.) It was a blur.

Happy with training. I pushed myself and might be able to go sub 2 in the future. I even saw Louis G. near the start and Tim Leonard from the Waveny group.

Fuel: Pre race: egg whites and cheese, whole wheat toast, some coffee, 1 gel
Fuel: Race: 2 gels, some energy blasts. Water at 12 stops, Gaterade at maybe 1 or 2.

Splits: CardioTrainer didn't work but I noted my times at these mile markings (might not be accurate)
Mile 6-57:18/9:13 Pace overall
Mile 10-1:35:10-9:31 Pace overall

Overall 375/653 Bottom 42.6%
Division 87/119 Males 30-39 Bottom 26.9%